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Emanuel on a significant nook
nice find, good work!

Mags on a significant nook
Nice perspective!

Fade ToBLACK on a significant nook
I love this

Tracey on skies of blue, clouds of white
I like the low horizontal light here. Was it sunset? What a great place to relax!

heather on point and shoot
hey that's me!...sneaky. i like it.

Ronnie 2¢ on skies of blue, clouds of white
. . and light to die for ! Wow, you caught that at the perfect moment, I'd say . . that light lasts for such a ...

Evi on skies of blue, clouds of white
Beautiful composition, lovely light!

Lauren on weight loss
I love it.

Ronnie 2¢ on bad dog
That moose is planning retribution . . I can see it in his . . eye.

Heidi on an open door
oh my gosh i would have SO gone in there

Arps on the most beautiful one ever
sweet gal with a beautiful smile... Very nice portrait

Kent on the most beautiful one ever
Great image. Sweet girl and beautiful portrait

Ronnie 2¢ on dance train
wow . . I love the sense of flow of fun in this . . that movement rules!

tkbphotos on morning dew
great vibrant color. Well done.

Arps on morning dew
Amazing colors here... good shot..

leslie on morning dew
Beautiful colors well captured shot

leslie on fleeting moment
Nice image like the sense of that little bit of movement

Arps on angled angel
great frame and beautiful composition

Angelica on angled angel
Wow! Great shot!! I love the colors and the peaceful feeling you get when you see this. You have a great eye! :o)

Marion on angled angel
What a sweet little angle and so well framed with the foliage around him. Lovely capture.

leslie on angled angel
Beautiful composition, like the DOF

Cia on angled angel
Lovely photo!

Morgane on angled angel
splendid composition !

Angelica on hatchery happenings
Very beautiful colors! You captured it well! I love macro! :o)

tkbphotos on slowly spiraling staircase
great lines in this photo. I quite like it.

leslie on slowly spiraling staircase
Great shot --- love the angle & lighting

Ronnie 2¢ on slowly spiraling staircase
This is a wonderfully beautiful staircase . . quite apart from the delicious photograph. But, as you say, you are a ...

April on slowly spiraling staircase
nice angle...

Arps on slowly spiraling staircase
Nice shot.. the lighting and the steps ... look beautiful here..i also like the bit of shadow of the stair railing on ...

dj.tigersprout on slowly spiraling staircase
great light here -- beautifully shot!

Marion on hatchery happenings
Dahlias, beautiful dahlias. I just saw a picture of you with your head sticking out of the sand thanks to Josh. Happy ...

dj.tigersprout on bird's eye view
a red winged black bird! great shot here -- i need to get up to yosemite myself soon... so much wildlife up there... ...

dj.tigersprout on hatchery happenings
gorgeous shot here mate -- beautiful!

Cia on hatchery happenings
Lovely flower!

valenttin on hatchery happenings
how nice...

Jrask on point and shoot
nice shot eric, cool choice as a photo of a photo

lauren on point and shoot
Amazing vantage point. I love this!

Ron on ocean waves and midnight trains
Cool shot ...

Tracey on ocean waves and midnight trains
Interesting portrait! It feels sad and lonely to me. The train's light in the background adds tension and ...

dj.tigersprout on works on fire over laguna
this is marvelous! i was down in san diego and attempted to get some shots, but i wasn't happy with the results... ...

dj.tigersprout on older than me
wow -- the thumbnail doesnt do this pic justice! a wonderful composition here! love the gnarly branches and their ...

dj.tigersprout on before five
a wonderful random shot! love the lighting and the faux stain-glass. how often are you in this elevator? quite ...

pirut on unwelcome
I love this variety color. Specific.. great!

Bhavin on unwelcome
The level of detail and complexity here is amazing. Thank you for sharing such a picture.

dj.tigersprout on unwelcome
a wonderful composition and use of soft focus here -- loving the color and textures!

dj.tigersprout on my grandfather
i am late to this pic, but my thoughts are with you and your family for your loss. this picture is in itself a ...

dj.tigersprout on a case of wet hair
gentle light and softness -- quite abstract, almost painterly. nice

dj.tigersprout on walls of falls
marvelous shot and composition -- i really get the steep falling sensation as the eye traces the profile of this rocky ...

dj.tigersprout on halogen opus
wow -- quite a trippy photo you have here! awesome! love the contrasted colors of bright yellow and reddish brown -- ...

dj.tigersprout on hoots and ahhhs

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